Referral Program

Puppy's First Year

Kitten's First Year

Foal's First Year

We love our photographic family!


To thank you for being so awesome, we’d like to offer you a little extra something for the equally amazing folks you recommend to us


For every person you refer who becomes a client, both you and the person you referred will receive a complimentary 5x7 portrait from the session of your choice.


If you told all of your closest friends how much you loved your experience with Thoughtful Images, and five people became clients, all five plus you will receive a 5x7 print, and you - as the amazing person who referred them - would receive a 16” gallery-wrapped canvas giclee.


If you told everyone you know, and ten of them became clients, all ten plus you would receive a 5x7 print, and you would receive a 30” gallery-wrapped canvas giclee or metal print.


Our programs will continue to grow and change, so if you have more ideas, please share them! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Document your new baby’s first, most

wildly changing year.

Remember those tiny puppy kisses,

oversized paws, big sloppy slurp

attacks, and quiet pride.

Kittens too - tiny kitten “sniffy” kisses, wild curtain-climbing fits, and exhausted quiet pride.

All baby animals are welcome!

Our adorable little animal companions change a lot in the first year,

much like their human counterparts.

Have a record that does double-duty

as a reminder of their sweet baby

times, as well as makes poignant,

one of a kind wall art for

your home and office.

The  First Year Special Collections

will provide great satisfaction for many years to come.

Included in all three Collections are:

* In-home Design Consultation

* Three Sessions: one each at 2-3, 6-9, and 12 months

* Your choice of locations, from your home to a beautiful park to a unique urban setting.

* Optional family portrait at one of the Sessions

* One 5x7 portrait from each Session



The Book Collection adds

One Big Beautiful Book



The Bountiful Collection adds to that

* One 20” gallery-wrapped canvas or metal print and

* One framed wall triple


All images copyright Thoughtful Images Photography, all rights reserved.

To acquire permission to use any image, please contact us at 440.354.5900.